TOP LG TVs in 2019

The home of modern man there are some elements of civilization and comfort, without which it is almost impossible to do. In the field of home appliances — a washing machine and a refrigerator, but in the field of home electronics main attribute — the TV. That he will learn the latest news, new products, or indulge in a classic movie, brighten everyday housewives, pensioners favorite series, allows remote cheer for «our», or simply for the beautiful game during sports broadcasts. Here’s a he, «Almighty»!
TV is getting more and more sophisticated, there are new technologies, functions and modes, improves design quality pictures. Models do not count. And the choice of the optimal variant is not always so simple. The actual problem? It was on this occasion we have prepared for you the best rating in the current 2019 innovations of modern TV sets.
The honorary right to open a list of the best TV available quite successful FHD model from one of the leading Korean companies. Year run in a series of 2018-th. That does not mean the loss of relevance, as the features and functionality are such that may not be enough for one season, and significant innovations in this class of TV sets in the LG 2019 is not expected. Actually, I have a special and nothing.
TV from a simple compiler TV shows and movies have moved into the category of «smart» technology. The devices are connected to the Internet, subject to voice commands and know how many other things. Their range is so diverse, it is easy to get confused. What kind of model is better to choose in 2019? That and the picture quality was up to standard, and functional enough? The ranking includes the best TV of the year. It is worth to know them better, to make the right choice and buy a really good TV.