best washing machines LG 2019

Washing machine in our time thing is absolutely indispensable, and some attribute of luxury for a long time is not. Much credit for that, and the South Korean giant, the LG, who managed the beginning of the 2000s, to fill the domestic retail high-quality, reliable, but at the same time affordable products. Today it is recognized as a world leader in the production of home appliances and electronics. brand popularity is enormous, especially among representatives of the fair half of mankind. Therefore no coincidence that our present ranking is dedicated to the best washing machine LG.
Officially, the founding date of LG Group is considered to be 1947. Perhaps someone will surprise, but it all began with toothpaste (powder) and face cream under the name Lucky. But the start of the development direction of «electrical appliances and household appliances» associated with the appearance in 1958 of the new company Goldstar. First came the transistor radio (1959), then an electric fan (1960), in the 65-m is designed fridge, and the first Korean washing machine was released back in 1969.
Modern and well all the familiar brand name received in 1995 through the merger of Lucky Group and Goldstar. Weighty milestone in the development of the company was the opening of the Russian market in 2006, the factory for production of household appliances in the Ruza district of Moscow region. Washing machines, descended it to its pipeline, the most widely available in local stores, and only a small part comes from Korea and China.
In this article, we noted the strengths and weaknesses stiralok popular brand, described the features of proprietary 6 Motion technology from LG. In addition, led the rating of popular models with their characteristics and user reviews. In the list of leaders — the budget proposals and products premium.
Powerful inverter motor allows you to download here once 8 kg of laundry. Washing efficiency increases algorithm «movements 6 ‘adapted for any kind of fabrics. Integrated water heater helps to break down as much as possible dirt particles. With friendly LED-display to adjust the temperature and washing speed can even people far removed from the electronics.